So the monsoon season is here.

Time to take out those dusty umbrellas and rain coats.

As we grow old we tend to get lazier, and that’s fact. Consider this, when we were small kids, the first thing we would do when we saw rain was to go out and get all wet playing under the heavens natural shower.

Then there was the paper boats we used to make and made them float on the stagnant water. And to top it all of we had our mother yelling at us not to go out for we may catch cold or other viral diseases.

Now, the rain excites us. Makes us happy that the summer days are gone. Refreshes us alright. But one thing it can’t do now is bring out that small kid within us.
Hopefully, it’ll manage to bring out the small kid this monsoon.
Until then, enjoy the hot tea and biscuit (if you’re into it).


Happy Monsoon!

– AP


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