The little voice – 2

9th June 2006

One day before the second test between West Indies and India.

The little boy had grown into an obsessed Cricket fanatic with nothing but Cricket in his mind. With his eyes glued to the television, keenly following India’s tour of the Caribbean, little did he know that he could only have one sports channel on his cable network at a time. That day, the cable operator decided to show ESPN instead of TenSports. The boy was puzzled. The words of his father explained him what was going on. It was the FIFA World Cup that was about to commence that day. The boy knew about Football/Soccer but had never seen it on TV.

The little voice inside him appeared, “Let’s watch it!.” And so he watched Germany take on Poland in the opening encounter. What he saw blew his mind away. The atmosphere, the crowd, the commentary, the skill set. It made him fall in love with the game. In a country where the dictionary meaning of sports is usually “Cricket”, he found a new sport to look after.

Did he switch paths?

Did Football suppress Cricket in this country?

To be continued..

  – AP


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