Once a unified nation that fought for their Independence in opposition to the Britishers, the two states of India and Pakistan, have had a rich and considerate sporting history.

Especially in the sport of Cricket.

From Javed Miandad hitting a 6 of the last ball to win it for Pakistan to playing the game on the British soil today, whenever the two nations have met, billions of people leave their work and tune into their television sets and other forms of media to follow the contest.

While the rapport between the two nations hasn’t been a peaceful one, any sporting event between them really brings the people together. And I believe politics should be mixed with sports.

No matter who the winner is, almost half the world’s population will be following the event. Not having anything but the love for the game and support their team in the hearts.

May God/Allah/Bhagwan(s) bless both nations.


– AP


3 thoughts on “India-Pakistan

  1. Ur view is respected ☺ … but then there is always sm cons..but ur way of saying it..was indeed appreciable..and is a true characteristic of writer 👍👍

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  2. It’s gud to have peace between both the country … few people r there who don’t want this….anyway…..ur thought is incredible​…….peace is the best thing tht we can have

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