Welcome to India

So, the Central Board of Secondary Education, or more commonly known as CBSE, decided to give the 10th class students something to prove their date of birth for further use.

Here’s the thing about 10th results.

Before the exams everyone counsels you to take them seriously, for they leave nothing more the be accomplished in life apparently and we can roam around like those spoiled rich kids in “Zindagi na milegi dobara” or “Dil chahta hai.”

After the results are announced however, all the “little voices” inside the student are muted by the constant ringing of doorbells going “Beta/Beti Science le lo bahut scope hai” (Son/Daughter, pursue Science next) , “Sharma ji ke bete ko toh aram se Science lag jaega, uske toh CPGA bhi acche hai. Tu nalayak pata nahi, Arts mein bhi admission na du mai toh tujhe!” (That Sharma’s son can easily pursue Science. And you fool! Won’t even get admission in an Arts college).

Yes! I agree there are other fields other than Science. And I also know that students don’t usually want Science to be their stream of study. But WELCOME TO INDIA! The place where peer pressure forges your future and children are assumed to fulfill the dreams their parents had instead of their own (NO OFFENSE).

 – AP

P. S. Comment if you want my legs waxed! XD


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