What does love signify?

A bond between two souls?

A force of mutual attraction between entities?

Something which makes you give up your happiness (not entirely though) and settle for something short of what you aspire, just to see the other person delighted?

Love does not always involve sacrificance (Yes! A made up word) from one person for the sake of other person’s happiness. Over the course of time, people understand each other and sacrifice happen to be just a myth.

Love exists between everything. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was the love for Sir Isaac Newton in heart of the apple that made it fall and not gravity.

Love cannot be searched for. Love searches you and finds you when you’ve lost all hopes of ever finding love.

It’s like covalent bonds. Two or more atoms come together and fill each others desires (electrons) by sharing what they have with each other.

Keep loving.


Β  – AP


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